This site has a few purposes.  First, it is dedicated to ANYONE WHO LOVES HAWAII– specifically those of us who are living away from Hawaii and looking for a website that will bring you back home.  When I get homesick, I find myself surfing the net for something “Hawaiian” that emotionally connects me with my home.  I hope this site serves that purpose and helps all of us reconnect with our bigger Hawaii Ohana.

Hawaiian Origami Earrings by Mainland Kama'ainas

Origami Earrings from the Mainland Kama’aina Store

Second, this is a portion of the Mainland Kama’aina Store – an online store that sells ‘Local Hawaiian” products and gifts.  Many families are struggling to make it in HI – I, for one, wish I could go back but financially, I can’t do so.  Your support of the store helps families back home in HI and also, little “kamaaina” families like mine who have found a new home on the mainland.

Finally, please “LIKE”  us on Facebook and please subscribe to stay up to date on the new happenings!  Thank you so much for visiting ~ Mahalo Nui Loa


22 thoughts on “About

  1. Love it. Even those of us living here love to read about Hawaii. it’s great to feel the love from near and far. I guess it’s kind of like the Jewish diaspora–being scattered across the globe, away from our homeland. Nice correlation, except I feel way more at home in Hawaii than Israel! Hmmm…. Aloha…..

  2. Excellent material. Oddly I had not intended to spend much time on Maui during this cruise, but may have to change my mind given what I find here.

    Aboard MURRE
    Honokohau Harbor, Big Island of Hawaii

  3. Mahalo for visiting my blog and for the nice comments. Absolutely love your blog! Thanks for sharing the link, you’re at the top of my favorites list. By the way, Da Kitchen is always our first stop on Maui! Lived on Oahu when I was young and I will never, ever love anyplace more than the islands. Thank you again, I feel like I found a new friend!

    • Likewise so welcome to the ‘ohana.’ Your cover picture at the top of your blog is amazing. The idea in the blog and facebook pg is just to bring some of HI to all of us who aren’t there right now. Thanks for making me hungry by the way – I should make some teri chicken or kalua pig for dinner. 🙂

  4. So glad you’ve stopped by to visit my blog so that I could find you! I think in another life I was Hawaiian, or lived in Hawaii. I hope you’ve done a little digging around in my archives to see my posts in November from Kauai 🙂 Look forward to your blog. Aloha

  5. GREAT site! Love it … and thanks for visiting mine. I’ve loaded hundreds of Hawai’i images – because I visit (mentally) Hawai’i everyday. Aloha.

      • You deserve it! Love your other blog as well!
        If you like, the rules of the award (from what I could find on web) are simple:

        Display the award on your blog
        Create a link to the site that bestowed it
        Write seven random facts about yourself
        Display links of seven favorite blogs to nominate

        Have a great trip! Can’t wait to hear about it!

  6. I loved Hawaii so much when I visited and a big part of that was the local community and their pride in their culture and homeland. I love seeing Hawaii through the eyes of those from the islands, so I look forward to more places to visit, and spots to eat at, in anticipation of my next trip back to the islands. Mahalo!

  7. Thanks for following my blog. I’m glad we were so busy hiking, snorkeling & kayaking when we visited Kauai otherwise I would have gained 20 lb from sampling all the delicious local food 🙂

    • I think that’s my problem – I go back to HI and sit and eat . . . . and eat . . . . and eat. . . . I went back this past trip with a bum knee so it was worse! Thx for the visit!

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