Hello Maui!

My lil’ girl is on her way to visit her grandparents on Maui . . . . she got on the plane yesterday and I miss her already!  She is my buddy and I wanted to share some thoughts on her trip.

Honestly, running an online store isn’t the most profitable endeavor. . . . well, at least in the initial stages (hopefully it gets A LOT BUSIER).  We wanted to send my daughter home but knew it wasn’t in our budget.  Grandpa and Grandma were gracious enough to purchase her ticket but she still wanted to raise money on her own so  . . . . she decided to sell friendship bracelets.  My brothers posted and shared the pic below on Facebook and within 24 hours, she had a dozen orders and off she went on her first entrepreneurial venture.

The First Facebook Post

The First Facebook Post

First lesson learned – well, if it takes an hour to make a bracelet, she probably should’ve charged more than $1 a bracelet.  However, we had amazing friends from all over – Hawaii, Utah, Arizona, and Cleveland to name a few places, order from her and most were gracious enough to send a few dollars more.  She was a little overwhelmed by the orders but was so excited that people were helping her get back to Maui.

Making bracelets while watching a movie!  Love the headlamp

Making bracelets while watching a movie! Love the headlamp

Second lesson, multi-tasking.  The pic above says it all.  We do a “Family Bed’ once or twice a month and while her brothers are watching movies and eating popcorn, Kylee was diligently working away at fulfilling the orders!  I was impressed and very proud to see how hard she was working to fulfill her orders.

Helping with the VW Buses on the Mainland Kama'aina Storesite

Helping with the VW Buses on the Mainland Kama’aina Storesite

Kylee also become a huge supporter of our Mainland Kama’aina site.  She would stay up at night helping me paint and finish the VW buses  . . . or pull vinyl for the keiki t-shirts.  When we started putting plans together to participate in local Pasifika Festivals, Kylee volunteered to do a lei making table.  Despite the RAIN AND COLD (apparently, it still SNOWS during spring in Utah), she was a trooper and helped out a ton.

Lei Making at the UT Pasifika Festival

Lei Making at the UT Pasifika Festival

I am extremely grateful for this little girl and all she has taught me . . . and all the support she has given me in starting this business.  She has a few more orders to finish but she has her friendship bracelet maker in her suitcase and is going to do it in her ‘spare time’ back home.  If you bought a bracelet from her, I sincerely thank you for giving her this experience!  To my little girl – I wish you have an absolute blast at home and we will see you in  a month!

Please visit our Mainland Kama’ainas Store featuring items made and designed by local families.  Like us on Facebook for frequent splashes of ALOHA all over your Facebook dashboard!  🙂

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