Happy Boy’s Day / Kodomo no Hi / Cinco de Mayo / May 5th

I had no idea what Cinco de Mayo was until I was graduated from college and in one of the developments I was running, we threw a Cinco de Mayo party.  I’m happy to know this day is celebrated across many cultures and growing up in Hawaii, 5/5 was always “Boy’s Day.”

img from flickr.com

img from flickr.com

In Japan, Boy’s Day (or Kodomo no Hi) – Children’s day is celebrated as part of “Golden Week” – a week most companies will close down for a number of national holidays and many people in the country go on vacation.

Growing up on Maui, we flew these ‘koinobori’ flags, one for each boy.  The koinobori (or carp) isused, according to legend, because a carp that is able to swim upstream becomes a dragon and these flags look like dragons in the wind.

I’ve got two little boys and quite honestly, the holiday escaped me!  However, happy boys day to them and to all the little keiki’s out there!

One thought on “Happy Boy’s Day / Kodomo no Hi / Cinco de Mayo / May 5th

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    Happy Boy’s Day to everyone out there! Ever see ‘flying fish flags’ in May in Hawaii? Check out this post – it explains why! Never grew up celebrating Cinco de Mayo but it seems like today is a day for celebration!

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