Kauai, Hawaii – My Favorite Restaurants

This is the first of an ongoing project to bring you places and dishes to eat from people who know the island better than most . . . people who have lived on the islands! Much Mahalo to Bruddah Marcus for his recommendations.

1. Hanalei Dolphin: great and fresh seafood on the North Shore in Hanalei $$$$
2. Dukes: great steak and higher end food on Kalapaki Beach in Lihue $$$
3. Pomodoro: great Italian food in Kahaleo $$$
4. Puka Dog: best hot dog EVA…located in Poipu $
5. Roy’s Poipu Bar & Grilll: ono food but a bit $$$

Got a favorite to add?  Leave a comment below!  Thanks a ton and enjoy the food!

10 thoughts on “Kauai, Hawaii – My Favorite Restaurants

  1. Ooooo, Puka Dog! How could I forget! They get da best fresh lemonade too ~ but I’d but two of {$$} those dollah signs up…it’s a pricey sausage, but man the relishes are gooood!

    • Thanks! I made this post awhile ago – recommendations from a friend in the neighborhood who lived there for years. I’m finishing one w/ all the recommendations from your post! MUCH MAHALOS!

    • I heard the Oahu stores changed their name to Aloha Dog or something . . . . . I’ve got some other restaurants coming up . . . .it’s bad doing these post because I get hungry each time I do one. 🙂

  2. Great post! I really enjoyed the saimin and teri fried chicken at Da Imu Hut in Hanapepe. I know this is sacrilege but I thought their saimin was better than Hamura’s which was too salty and mushy for me. And although it’s technically a fish market, Pono market in Kapaa has some of the best lunch plates, especially their poke and laulau. Yum. Drooling while reminiscing. Oh and the Korean fried chicken at Bobbie’s in Hanapepe was also onolicious 🙂

    • WOW! Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll make a note of your suggestions and THANK YOU! I am not familiar with the food places on Kauai so after my friend wrote this post, I had another friend do a poll on facebook and the responses were incredible. I’ll add in yours as well! While I like to ‘discover’ new places, I love to get opinions and hear about where people go so I’m spending my money wisely.

      I’ll keep a lookout for local places in Portland – I sent an email to a friend on the taro leaves so I’ll see what I get back. Have a good one!

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