Book Review – The Descendents

This book became incredibly popular thanks to the movie featuring George Clooney.  When I first saw the trailers, I really wasn’t very interested.  However, I read a review on the movie that talked about how George Clooney approached the director of the movie saying that he really wanted to do the part and felt it was for him.  Reading that I thought . . . . well, let’s see what the book is about

After reading the book, I must say I enjoyed it – 3.5 stars out of 5.  I don’t think it’s for everybody though – read reviews on or somewhere before getting it.  The thing that really ‘made’ the book for me was the emotional steps that George Clooney’s character went through and take that journey with him. . . . . I think just with where I am with everything in life, it resonated with me.

From Google Pics.

There are a few things I really liked from the book and trailers.  The first was the line George Clooney said about the misconceptions his friends have about his life – that because he lives in Hawaii, he’s immune to certain things and life’s a big party.  I remember someone once telling me, that it must be great to have lived in HI where all you worry about is going to the beach everyday. . . . . um ok.  I wanted to ask him that since he lived in Utah, does that mean that he goes skiing all day, has a stockpile of guns, and eats green jello with carrots?  I’ve realized how judgmental and ‘small-minded’ I can be as well and how nice it is when I’m accepted for who I am . . . and how I need to be that way with others.

Ok – this wasn’t in the books but it was in the trailers – I like the colors, hibiscus, but what was really cool is that if you look closely (especially at the lighter colored slides in the trailers), they layered the background so it looks like wood  giving it a little ‘old school Hawaii’ feel – way cool.

Cool Transition Slides

Finally, I had to screenshot this from my iPad but check out the blue walls in the background.  I love that they painted palm trees there and the dark blue and white molding is way cool.   Hmmmm . . . summer project?  🙂

I’ve got to rent this movie one night and watch it.  Looking forward to it!

4 thoughts on “Book Review – The Descendents

    • I need to watch it! I heard nothing but good things about the movie and, after reading the book, can totally see how someone like George Clooney is perfect for the role.

  1. I need to read the book still ~ I’ve watched the movie ~ mixed reviews from me, but overall, I liked it ok. I guess I’m too much of a “poor local west side” type of girl to relate with the rich side of Hawaii’s know the ones ~ the families who inherited things because they are “Descendants”. I was home last week and got to watch the Merrie Monarch and the Princess ( kept showing up LATE to the Merrie Monarch. She seems to be one of those kind of Descendants who looks (and is) more caucasian than Hawaiian and maybe doesn’t really get the gist of what it is she is supposed to represent to the Hawaiian people. I was a bit lost and disenchanted and mostly disappointed with her showing up late 3 nights in a row (the festivities had to stop midway, every time she showed up, just so they could do an ‘oli to welcome her in to the night’s festivities). BUT (sorry, I digress) I have to say, the development of George Clooney’s character is Awesome…also, I wanted to kick the oldest daughter in the head..her and her boyfriend…just a heads up..hahahahahaha!

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