Wave of Life – Clark Little Inspires Me!

I’ll be honest, I could spend an entire afternoon starting at Clark Little’s Facebook page.  If you want a nice dose of awesome h2o capture, then be sure to look for him on Facebook or Instagram.  I want to stop by his shop in Haleiwa but I’m afraid I’ll max out my credit card.

Clark Little Deep Wave

What a shot – courtesy of Clark Little

I saw this picture and the change in color, texture of the wave, and general ‘feeling’ of the picture reminds me of life.  There’s days that are harder than others, times where my perspective on life and where I’m headed isn’t as clear as I want . . . feel like I’m in the ‘darker’ part of this wave and doing all I can to keep from going over the falls and getting worked.

However, you know that there are better  .  .  . brighter . . . and ‘clearer . . . days right around the corner – life will throw those things at you . . times of trials and times of blessings.  Ride through the tough times knowing that it will get better!  Just keep focused on what’s in store and do all you can to get there and you’ll end up a better person because of those bumps and murky waters.

OK – my soapbox for the day.  Thanks Clark for the awesome picture!

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