My Facebook Feed is Gonna Make Me Fat!

“I need Hawaiian Food – let’s get lunch.”  I love to hear that from my boss.  I’ve been trying to ‘diet’ recently and I think the constant spinach shakes are causing me to hyper focus on FOOD because . . . these are the pictures from my Facebook Feed that got my attention this weekend!

Da Kitchen Kalbi!

Kalbi Plate at Da Kitchen

Disclaimer – I LOVE kalbi!  The problem with seeing great food like this is that if I don’t have it readily available, I start settling for alternatives that quite honestly, just aren’t the same . . . so I really haven’t solved anything!

Loco Moco - Da Kitchen

A Loco Moco Plate!

Loco Moco: Funny story – my wife and I were living in Japan and we would eat out with the other foreigners in our little town, the LDS Missionaries.  One was from Molokai so we had fun making “Hawaiian” food whenever we could.  We were at a restaurant and he ordered four dishes that he then combined to make . . . . his own loco moco.

Tofu Special - Da Kitchen

Tofu Special @ Da Kitchen

OK – since I don’t get to hit up Da Kitchen unless I’m back on Maui, I’ve never had the tofu special since it’s probably #5 on my list of priorities.  However, this looked insanely good as well!

Deep Fried Spam Musubi - Da Kitchen

Oh My Calories but it looks SO ONO!

Spam Musubi: My neighbor across the street just got back from the Big Island and he told me, “Ray – I LOVE spam musubi.”  I’ve never tried the deep friend but still, I may have to make some this weekend.

Dry Mein Sam Sato's

To add insult to injury

And to add insult to injury – my friend decides to post his Sam Sato’s dry mein yesterday!  I may have to trade in my spinach shakes for a few days.  🙂

What’s on your menu?

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