High Surf Advisory? HEAD TO THE BEACH!

Aloha Friday! Saw a few friends posting pics of the recent swell that has been hitting the islands.  LUCKY!

What do you think he’s saying to her? “Ma’am – you will definitely lose your top if you go in there!” is my guess. Photo from hawaiinewsnow.com

I’ve never been a rebel at heart nor a good wave rider for that matter.  During my Sr. year of high school, I remember cutting school and early morning seminary ONCE to go to the beach for a few hours.  I still got to school by 10am and . . . my mom wrote me a note for it!

I also swear that BYU-Hawaii is the only school I know of that has an attendance policy – i.e. miss three religion classes and you won’t pass the semester.  So, I was careful to skip out of class but did do so on occasion to get some waves in.  I mean seriously, we were living on the North Shore of Oahu.  If anything, I should’ve gone more often!

Charge! Photo from http://www.hawaiinewsnow.com

My advice to anyone that can – be responsible with work and school but seriously, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE OPPORTUNITY! Carpe Diem!

One thought on “High Surf Advisory? HEAD TO THE BEACH!

  1. Thanks for checking out realsurfers.net I’ve never been to Hawaii. My wife spent a couple of years there, our older son and his first wife spent their honeymoon there, and in November, my wife will be joining our grandsons, our now ex-daughter-in-law and her new husband there. It’s not weird that my wife would want to go, but we have to wonder about the ex-daughter-in-law. Again, thanks, Erwin

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