Winter Storms

Man that storm over the weekend brought a TON of rain to the islands.  I posted a picture of a ‘waterfall’ on the road to Hana last week and here are more pictures of the storm.  Most are from Facebook pages of my friends on Maui and two are from the KHON Facebook page.  My dad was in Hana at the beginning of the storm (our last blogpost has a pic he took on his way home of one of the ‘streams’) and I’m glad he got back before it got bad.  One of our cousins was stuck and couldn’t get home, I heard there were a bunch of hikers stranded on Kauai, and my mom mentioned a home DISAPPEARED from Haiku, Maui!  The path of the water near the home heads into Maliko Gulch and . . . . .well. . . . there’s a chance it could be out to sea.  I’m not sure if that’s true or not  but if it is, my thoughts go out to that family!


Upcountry Maui! Crazy!



Crazy! Upcountry Maui (from KHON’s Facebook Page)

from KHON's Facebook Page - Big Island

from KHON’s Facebook Page – Big Island

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