Happy Valentine’s Day!

Gotta love Valentine’s Day . . . . First, love my wife and so grateful for her!  So 16 yrs ago today, we were living on the North Shore of Oahu going to school.  We were poor college kids and had just finished work at the Polynesian Cultural Center.   My wife (girlfriend at the time) said, “hey, let’s go for a walk” so we walked along the beach front off of Kamehameha HWY.  After a few minutes, we came to a bonfire and dinner her friends had set up for us.  Talk about a romantic evening and one that I mean seriously, is once in a lifetime.  How many people will say that the spent Valentine’s Day, eating dinner by bonfire on a beach in HI with the person they love. . . . the scenery may have changed but the company remains the same and I’m still madly in love.  So lucky!

Happy Valentine's Day!  For great photography - check out Sarah Lee Photography!

Happy Valentine’s Day! For great photography – check out Sarah Lee Photography!

This picture is from Sarah Lee Photography ~ amazing stuff.  Check out Sarah Lee Photography on Facebook or you can find her blog here.  I love her pictures . . . .actually have one of her pics as the background on my iPhone.  One of the Apple Experts saw the picture and said, “Hey, that’s the Big Island, that’s where I’m from” and on went our discussion.

Anyway, Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!  Hope you have a great one!


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