The Wave Man – Clark Little

To all our East Coast Mainland Kama’aina Ohana ~ wishing you the best and hope all is well!  After a few WARM days of mid 30′ weather, I am under a blanket and watching all the white stuff fall again.  That’s fine, I can plan to take the kids sledding now!  🙂

If you’ve seen spectacular pictures from deep inside a shore break wave, there’s a good chance you’ve seen some of Clark Little’s work.  A few years ago, his wife searched high and low for a great wave picture and came home with one she was ‘happy’ with.  Clark took a look at it and said to himself, “man, I can do better.”  Just like that, a new passion and style of surf photography became mainstream.  If you want to fill up your Instagram or Facebook with awesome wave captures, check out his pages!

From Clark Little's Facebook Page

From Clark Little’s Facebook Page

To get a picture like this isn’t easy ~ Clark isn’t set up on a tripod on the shore taking pictures, or using a high powered lens from a boat. . . . he is literally, inside the tube with a camera.  I assume that yes, this is a dream job and one everyone would LOVE to do but the one downside I can imagine is that every once in awhile, you probably take a pounding.

Clark Little - amazing

Wzup little guy ~ picture from Clark Little’s FB page

Clark was also interviewed and featured on The Weather Channel ~ you can find the interview here.   Short interview but really cool pictures and photography.  It also looks like Clark has a gallery in Haleiwa (see map below) ~ take some time to support and visit if you are in the area!  From all of us on the mainland to Clark ~ thanks for the pics and imagery ~ truly one of a kind work!

Looks like he has a gallery ~ check it out when you are on the North Shore!

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