Jaws is Breaking!

My Facebook got lit up the last few days of 2012 with shots of waves and surfers at Peahi (or JAWS as it’s more commonly known).  When I was growing up on Maui, big wave surfing was in it’s infancy if it had been born at all.  Now, there’s surfers sponsored to travel the globe to ride these monsters.

Deep Water Episode 4 at Peahi, Maui

Deep Water Episode 4 at Peahi, Maui

The clothing / outdoor adventure line Patagonia created a documentary called Deep Water as they follow Kohl Christensen and other surfers  as they chase these waves.  Episode 4 was shot in October at Jaws ~ check it out!

The Wave by Susan Casey

The Wave by Susan Casey

If you want a good read about mysterious Monster Waves and the surfers who dare to ride them, check out the book The Wave by Susan Casey.  It’s a great read as she documents conversations and surfing trips with Laird Hamilton and other big wave surfers, while also mixing in other historic sitings of massive rouge waves around the world.  One of the best books I read in 2011.

Hope you have better weather than we’ve had!  I think there were over 100 accidents yesterday due to the black ice on the freeway and we’ve been suffering from an inversion so today’s high of 36 degrees feel amazing!  How pitiful is that?

One thought on “Jaws is Breaking!

  1. Amen! We were so excited that we hit 45 today! We’re supposed to wake up to a ton o’ snow tomorrow though….at least Elko, NV doesn’t have an inversion issue though 😀 Stay Healthy and Safe y’all!

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