Haliimaile General Store – Our Night Out

What?  A quite dinner for two?  Our Maui trips are very different than a ‘heavenly romantic getaway’ since we are dragging our kids and always have a schedule full of family activities so this was a nice outing for us.  My brother and parents were nice enough to watch our kids one night so we could have a night out so this was our dinner destination. . . followed by a WalMart trip to get all of our omiyage and goodies for friends.

Haliimaile General Store on Maui - Mainland Kamaainas

My wife @ the entrance

The restaurant has been around for years and is one of three restaurants owned by renowned chef Beverly Gannon, who purchased the restaurant in 1988.  I’ve listened to the Hawaii Podcasta podcast done in Japanese about different things in Hawaii.  A few years back Bev Gannon had a couple of guests appearances on it and it was interesting to hear how a Texas raised chef brought East and West tastes together at her restaurant.  One thing in particular that I remember was how she and a number of local restauranteurs have made a push to “Buy Local.”  You can read all about Bev Gannon and her restaurants on her website.

The store is located in Haliimaile – a small city on the way up Haleakala.  So for those of you staying in Lahaina or Kihei, it may be a bit of a drive but if you are in ‘town’ or on the north side of the island, it really isn’t too far from Kahului or Paia.

Map from Google Maps: 900 Haliimaile Rd, Haliimaile, HI

I love the atmosphere at the restaurant, it reminded me of this great steak and lobster place my wife and I frequented while in CA.  We were seated in the rear section of the restaurant which looks like an extension was built between two houses – pretty unique and our waitress had commented that she still hasn’t quite figured out the architecture either.  There were a ton of paintings by local artists – great art to look at while dining.

Painting @ Haliimaile General Store - Mainland Kamaainas

I loved this painting

Now, I’m all about saving money so we went on a Monday Evening because there was a special for 1/2 of an entree for each canned good you bring in (donations go to the local food bank).  Great deal – the bill will automatically include a 18% tip as part of the special – no biggie since the service is pretty good.  You will want to call ahead for a reservation and also, check if they are still running the special since it has just ‘restarted’ the week prior to our visit.

Haliimaile general Store's Blackened Ahi


It took me awhile to settle on what I really wanted to eat.  My brother’s recommendation was the Sashimi Napoleon on the appetizer menu.  I had the Blackened Ahi, which I really enjoyed.  I’ll be honest, I’m used to ahi in a sushi roll since it’s SO EXPENSIVE in the mainland.  It was nice to have a CHUNK of ahi to eat.  There really isn’t too much you can do to differentiate blackened ahi so while it was delicious, my favorite part of the dish was the sauce – wasabi based with some sweet chili sauce mixed in.  I gotta get my hand on the recipe!  I’d eat salad all day if I had that sauce.  Well – that may be a stretch.

Kiawe Plank Roasted Salmon - by Mainland Kamaainas

Roasted Salmon Dish – Oishi zo~

My wife and I were both considering the Kiawe Plank Roasted Salmon which she ended up getting and really liking.  She was nice enough to share a few bites with me.  We did get the chocolate macadamian nut tart to finish things off and it was great as well.  We don’t drink but there was a varied selection to choose from.

All in all, a great night and I am very glad that we got to go.  Once again, thank you to our kind babysitters!  Enjoy ~


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