Facebook Causes Island Fever Part 2

I got a lot of emails about my last “Facebook Causes Island Fever” post so. . . . .thought I’d do an occasional update.  Here’s some of my favorites posted by friends this past week – Vote for your favorite on our Facebook Page!  Even though I just left HI not even a week ago, I’m missing it already!

We are lucky to know the Ahuna’s – a VERY talented family that can sing, dance, and are excellent performers.  It must be in their blood – here’s the next generation of Ahuna’s.  Gotta love keiki hula.

Kids dancing hula - Mainland Kama'ainas

Facebook picture – Joe Ahuna

It’s so nice to get fresh fish back home. . . . even though fish can be ‘fresh’ here in Utah, you know that since it’s a day or two old, it just isn’t the same.  Yum!

Poke - Mainland Kama'ainas

Poke Lunch – Scott Parker

Tis’ O-Bon season in Hawaii and the Hongwanji’s on Maui are in the middle of their summer rotation – they each take a different weekend and it’s fun going to the different ones across the island.  This is the Mantokuji O-bon in Paia, HI.  We used to walk to this from my Grandma’s house.

Mantokuji O-Bon, Paia - Maui

The Mantokuji O-Bon @ Paia, Maui

Check out this honu picture!  Way cool!

Honu - Mainland Kama'ainas

Facebook Picture – Keola Keala

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