Here Today – Gone to Maui

Ah yes, Maui . . . Home sweet home.  I’ve actually just got home from a great stay in the islands. It’s hard to stay away from HI so I’m glad we got to go back and for a special reason – a family reunion.  This is my favorite picture from the trip – one of my kids with all their cousins hanging out at Kamaole 1 in Kihei . . . great beach for kids and families.  Plus, Da Kitchen and a great shave ice place is right across the street.

Mainland Kamaainas @ Kamaole 1

Grandkid Picture


3 thoughts on “Here Today – Gone to Maui

    • Thanks! It was great. My siblings and I actually all lived close together until my brother moved back to Maui a few weeks ago. However, our extended family was always close since most of us grew up on Maui and our family worked at our family store. Most of us moved to the mainland for college and haven’t returned so that was special – I haven’t seen some of them for 10 years.

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