Aloha O’e – Back to Maui!

Well, it’s with mixed emotions that I write this post today.  On the one hand, I’m extremely excited and happy for my brother and his family who are moving back to Maui.  Most people I know will say, “that’s not a tough decision to make between Utah and Maui” yet when you put everything together – job, education, family, cost of living. . . . . it’s the reason there are so many of us Mainland Kama’ainas.

Maui Move - Mainland Kamaainas

I’ll miss you kiddos! Don’t forget your FAVORITE UNCLE! 🙂

We moved back to UT two years ago last week and one of the main reasons we decided to move back was to be close to family.  We’ll miss them (especially the kids) a TON but hey, since my sister in law is a great photographer (check her stuff out at Eveline Wunder Photography), maybe I can solicit her help for more Aloha Friday Pictures?

View of Maui from Kula - Mainland Kamaainas


We are excited for you and wish you the best in your new adventures!  In the middle of winter, we’ve all had the, “Man I wish I was back home. . . . . ”  Well, this is your chance to do all those things!

Mainland Kamaaina / Mainland Kama'aina Fans

I finally convinced her I’m her fav uncle! CYA SWEETIE!

A hui hou!  From all of us in the Mainland Kama’aina Ohana – we’ll miss you but we’ll be sure to visit often!  Don’t visit us, we’ll come to you!  🙂


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