Real Madrid’s Ozil a Mainland Kama’aina?

OK disclaimer ~ Ozil (pictured top left) hasn’t officially ‘liked’ us YET on our Facebook site (speaking of which – have you?) BUT we are optimistic he will find us soon and join the crowd! Especially since we are in HI in a few weeks to finalize some items before our online store GOES LIVE!  Very exciting stuff!

When most people think of Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo probably comes to mind.  Yet, Ozil is a mainpiece of their attack, a standout on the strong German Team that’s cruising through the Euro Cup, the winner of the prestigious Golden Ball Award in the FIFA World Cup in 2010 (awarded to the best player), and apparently likes to flash the shaka in pictures.  🙂

Ozil, Mainland Kama'aina

Pic from Facebook

Join our crowd of supporters on Facebook!  Stay in touch so you won’t miss out on the online store’s grand opening!  Ozil – good luck in the Euro Cup and see you in Hawaii!  🙂


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