Sometimes I Need a Reminder

I saw this picture and used it as the “Aloha Friday” picture last week on our Facebook Page (if you aren’t following us on Facebook, what’s holding you back?).  Immortal words to live by if you ask me.

Mainland Kama'ainas

Found this on

We are also counting down until our HI Trip.  I am personally, very excited to go back and be at home with family and friends.  We’re working on launching the online store and website in July and I think back to the first blog post we did and the message shared by one of my uncle’s, a man who is very in touch with Hawaiiana and a respected Elder in the islands.

Jumping off the pier @ Kalaupapa, Molokai

Jumping off the pier @ Kalaupapa, Molokai

When I told him about this site, I asked him for his thoughts on what he’d share with all the kama’ainas living away from HI.  You can read the post here but I often think about his message that we are all connected to the islands in some way, shape or form.  There is a special tie to these islands that call us home. . . .thus we should visit as often as we can

Now that’s advice I’ll follow as often as my wallet allows me too!  Have a great week

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