Facebook Causes Island Fever

Aloha Friday!  So, one of the blessings of having so many friends in Hawaii (and part of the Mainland Kama’aina group on Facebook) is the awesome random pictures I get from back home. Now, the food pictures don’t affect me too much, my wife is great in the kitchen and can make almost anything we see.  The sunsets and scenery pictures however are what really get me.  Here’s a few random ones friends have posted over the past few days.  Enjoy~

Haleakala Scenery on Mainland Kama'ainas

Enjoying the view on Haleakala, Maui – Brandon Hee

Facebook Hawaii Sunset - Mainland Kama'ainas

Shark’s Cove on Oahu posted by Jenica Lee Taylor

Oahu Sunset - Mainland Kama'ainas

Oahu Sunset picture posted by Kaniela Kamala

Pukalani Sunset - Mainland Kama'aians

Awesome Pukalani Sunset posted by Brandon Hee

9 thoughts on “Facebook Causes Island Fever

    • I dunno – if the water on ‘your island’ is the same color as the banner on your blog . . . . . it’s amazing! Thanks for the visit – looking forward to following your blog

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