Island Music – Jack Johnson & Friends Best of Kokua

I was looking for some new running music on iTunes last night and came across this album by Jack Johnson.  There are some great Hawaiian Albums and while I usually don’t buy full albums but with this one, I’m glad I did.  While it probably isn’t a soundtrack that I’ll run to – it does make work at the computer or driving a TON easier.  🙂

Screen Capture from the website

First, the Kokua Festival is an annual event that “brings together environmental organizations, eco-friendly businesses, musicians, artists, teachers, and community leaders to support environmental educaiton in Hawai’i.”  The list of entertainers that have performed at the festival is like reading what a top notch “island music” concert would look like.

Ulua Beach from on Mainland Kamaainas

One of my favorite places - Ulua Beach from

It looks like the “Best Of Kokua” CD was released a few weeks ago – well, as far as I can tell on iTunes but there are some classic Jack Johnson songs as well as  some island jams that I haven’t heard redone before.  For Sheldon Carvalho in Texas who recently posted that he was listening to “Island Style” on KCCN – check out the live version, it won’t disappoint.

Anyway – glad I got this and thought I’d share it!  Enjoy and look for another favorite recipe COMING SOON!  🙂


9 thoughts on “Island Music – Jack Johnson & Friends Best of Kokua

  1. I will definitely check it out on itunes. While I was on the Big Island this month I fell in love with the ukelele and brought one home with me. Today I wrote a song with it, and made sure this ukelele’s first song was on “Aloha Time”. I’ll video blog it in the next month. I’m already missing my balcony by the sea…..if I return next year it will be the 5th year. It’s a piece of heaven.

    Cheers & Aloha

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