Ho’okipa, Maui

Growing up, I delivered appliances all over Maui for our family store, Hamai Appliance.  One of the cool things about the job was driving all over the island and seeing a ton of great places.  One of my favorites to go past during the winter was Ho’okipa, the windsurfing capital of the world.  Ho’okipa means “hospitality” in Hawaiian – but don’t be fooled, it’s a tough surf break and not a place for beginners.

Ho'okipa Maui from blog.littlewunders.com/

Winter Waves @ Ho’okipa from blog.littlewunders.com

A few miles past Paia Town, if there’s a North Swell bringing in winter waves, you can bet that there will be a TON of windsurfers and surfers alike.  If you’re in Paia – stop by at the Ono Gelato Company – right by the traffic light.  You won’t be sorry!

Hookipa Maui, www.kukuistudios.com

Ho’okipa Maui by http://www.kukuistudios.com

The best place to watch the surfers / windsurfers is on the far side of the break – there’s a parking lot on the hill that overlooks the entire beach and gives you a great backdrop with the West Maui Mountains.

Hookipa Maui - www.kukuistudios.com

Surfer at Ho’okipa Maui

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10 thoughts on “Ho’okipa, Maui

  1. Oh man, why do I live in Seattle? Thanks for sharing. Love that area of the island! I think I’ll buy some pog and slow smoke some pork this weekend, it’s supposed to hit 70+ on Sunday! Hottest day of year!

    • You can get pog up there? My mother in law just buys the three different frozen juices from a nearby store and mixes it together. This weekend should be perfect. I have an aunt in Tacoma and whenever we visit, she makes Boiled Peanuts. I can sit and eat that for hours. Thanks for visiting

  2. In all the years we’ve been going to Maui, this was the first time that we stopped at the lookout (I should say it was my first time, my wife had been there many times before, but long before I met her). I had noticed that there was a high surf warning a couple of days before hand and said to Susan that we had to go and watch some surfers at Ho’okipa, and we sure weren’t disappointed. It was mesmerizing. I can’t imagine what it would be like to see that at Jaws.

    By the way, where was your family store? My brother in law grew up in Kokomo and seems to know everyone on the island.

    Susan and I are missing Maui already and we’ve only been back home on Pender Island for about 24 hours.

    • Our family store is Hamai Appliance – by the Toyota dealership. He may know my dad’s side of the family Wunders / Gleasons more if he is from Kokomo side. Jaws would be epic but it’s tough to get there at the right time – the window of opportunity is so narrow.

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