Guri Guri! Mainland Kama’aina Style!

If we arrive on Maui at a decent time, we usually pick up lunch at Da Kitchen, head over to visit our relatives at Hamai Appliance and. . . . . .get some guri guri.  In college, one of our aunties would visit from Maui and she’d always have a freeze packed guri guri carton for the Maui Boys (thanks Aunty Flo!).

YUM!  Guri Guri, Local Treats, Mainland kamaainas

Guri Guri pic from the web

Well, that’s a little harder to do on the mainland but. . . . I think my brother has figured out a decent replacement recipe.  The original recipe is a closely guarded family secret that’s now in the fourth generation of serving guri guri to the masses.

Tasaka Guri Guri

Find it in the Maui Mall – photo from the web

In all honesty, if you’ve never had the ‘original,’ you need to try it – nothing will ever replace it and we at Mainland Kama’ainas love and support the store – I can personally say I probably have spent enough there to keep the store open for months on end.  However, if you are getting “Big Rock Fever” and need a quick island fix like my kids and I do, this is simply a recipe for the strawberry guri guri that comes extremely close to the original, and holds us over until we get back to Maui.   Without further adieu~

Guri Guri mainland kamaaina style

All you’ll need

Our Ingredients:

  • Two Cans Strawberry Fanta Soda
  • One Can Condensed Milk
  • About 4 ounces of Whipping Cream
  • Ice Cream Maker
Guri Guri

My helper anxiously waiting

Directions: Combine everything in the ice cream maker and well. . . . . wait until it’s done!  It’s tough to keep the consistency of real guri guri so once it’s stuck in the freezer, I usually let it thaw for a few minutes before eating.  Anyway enjoy and look for more recipes coming shortly!  Sign up for more emails or like us on Facebook!  Join the Ohana for pics, prizes, and other fun stuff!

Guri Guri Recipe


19 thoughts on “Guri Guri! Mainland Kama’aina Style!

    • It’s amazing how much food you get at Da Kitchen for the price. I swear I put on 5 pds in two weeks on Maui. Thx for the comment and great pictures on your blog. We’ve got some of the ‘local food’ recipes we’re preparing for the blog. Stay tuned. 🙂

    • Enjoy! My kids love it and were so excited when they saw me buying the red Fanta. . . . that’s the only reason we ever buy it. Look for more recipes coming up – got some good ones. 🙂

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    • . . . . . Tofu!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Well, from a calorie and health food perspective that would be great, no? Honestly, there are a few versions out there but the fanta soda + cream is the easiest for my kiddos. Now that it’s warming up here, we’ve put the ice cream bowl in the freezer and just need to get some fanta! Thanks for the comment & visiting!

  2. I’ve been perfecting this recipe for as long as I can remember. Using less soda and more milk, makes it less icy.

    12 oz can condensed milk
    14 oz evaporated milk
    8 oz Pineapple or Strawberry Guava juice
    10 oz carbonated water

    Mix all ingredients together into a metal baking dish. Freeze until slushy. Stir the mixture and them return to freezer until frozen. Ice Cream maker is the better option.

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