Hana Maui, Seven Sacred Pools

If you mention Haleakala – most people have been to the crater or done the hikes that go down sliding sands and up the switchback.  When I was little, I had the opportunity to do the overnight hike through Haleakala from the top of the crater to the backside that comes out a few miles past the Seven Sacred Pools.   To date, I’m the only one in my family that has done the hike but it’s something we’ve all been dying to do again.

Seven Sacred Pools, Hana Maui

Look before you leap! Seven Sacred Pools, Hana Maui

My wife and I had hoped to take the same hike a few years ago – we had all our plans in place and bought most of the gear over the course of a year. . . . our tent was our Valentine’s present. . . . . backpacks for birthdays. . . . we were set and excited.  That is, until the earthquake in 2006 forced the county to close the roads that go around the back of Hana to Kula.

So, we improvised and decided to do a two day Hana trip instead.  Our little group stayed in the backyard of some friends in Hana and we were able to do so much more than if we had just done a quick day trip.

Seven Sacred Pools, Hana, Maui

Taking the plunge – Seven Sacred Pools, Hana Maui

Even if you grow up on Maui, it’s not like you just go to Hana everyday.  I can probably count on both hands how many times I had been to Hana while growing up – a few for camps but most of that was for soccer or volleyball games.  It was a treat to visit Hamoa Beach, Waianapapa, Hasegawa General Store, Seven Sacred Pools, and a lot more and do it on ‘our time’ since we had two days to enjoy.

However, the highlight for me was the hike through the Bamboo Forest @ Seven Sacred Pools.  It isn’t a far hike – I’d say an hour roundtrip not including how long you pitstop at the waterfall.  The canopy of the bamboo forest is amazing.  We got their early enough that we were all by ourselves heading to the waterfall and it was absolutely amazing.

Seven Sacred Pools Bamboo Forest Canopy - Hana Maui

Seven Sacred Pools Bamboo Forest Canopy – Hana Maui

Bamboo Canopy - Seven Sacred Pools, Hana Maui

Photo taken from flickr.com

It’s been probably six years since the visit.  Since then, one of our group moved from Hawaii to the East Coast, our Hana friends are now on the mainland as well.  My little family has grown with our twins but I still have this hike on a ‘checklist’ of things to do when my kids are able to hike and enjoy the opportunity to see this.

Waterfall - Seven Sacred Pools, Hana Maui


So, if you are going out to Hana Maui, get up a little earlier than everyone else and head out (if you do it early enough in your trip – you are still on Mainland time, right?).  Beat the traffic heading out (which will save a TON of time) and take an extra 90 minutes to enjoy the hike!

Waterfall - Seven Sacred Pools, Hana Maui

View looking up – Waterfall @ Seven Sacred Pools, Hana Maui

13 thoughts on “Hana Maui, Seven Sacred Pools

  1. Okay-I didn’t know you jumped off the cliff That is dangerous. Good thing I wasn’t there.
    Beautiful pictures. We’ll be in Hana in 2 weeks.

  2. Would it be said if I told you I never did the bamboo forest hike? Always straight to the pools, Hasegawa, and then Hamoa. I always knew I was missing something! Looks like Eve and I have another “To Do” item before I start work back home.

  3. Would it be sad if I told you I never did the bamboo forest hike? We always rushed to the rocks (so we wouldn’t have to wait behind scared tourists), Hasegawa to get all the red hot dogs, and then Hamoa. Looks like I have something new on my “To Do” list that I’m tackling before I officially start work at home.

    • Wow – that’s quite the extensive stay. Go enjoy the pools – it’ll be worth the trip. Actually, I’d love to stay overnight in Hana again to really enjoy it a bit more without having to worry about driving back. We won’t get there until mid summer but I’m counting down! Actually, my twins who are four keep asking afterschool if we’re getting on the airplane yet. I think they are more antsy than I am

  4. We did the entire hike, through the bamboo forest to the waterfall – both were equally amazing!! It’s so dark in the forest – we felt like the sun was going down already!

  5. Ahhh, Hasagawa store with the Portugese sweet bread…the bamboo forest; one of my most magical memories; the wind blew and I was inside a wind chime of vast proportions. My kids were too small to remember and don’t know what I’m talking about when I go down memory lane, so it’s wonderful to see your photos and the words of the places I love. Paia was where the men stood around talking story and no one on the mainland had ever heard of it. I think that’s all changed. Thanks for the wonderful site.

    • Hah hah – yes, it’s changed quite a bit. Your post was awesome – I seriously haven’t met a lot of people who have been on, let alone know that you can hike out through Hana. My kids are still too young that I don’t think a trip to Hana with them would be something they remember. Such a great place. Thanks for the comments, for visiting, and for finding us on Facebook! I’ve been on hiatus the past week or so – a slight injury threw a kink in plans but look for some posts and pictures soon!

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