Taste of Paradise

Ever eat something that takes you back to a place of your past?  We make local food often enough that and I’ve been away from the islands for so long that some of the food is just a part of life now.  I eat it and . . . . . well, it feels like just another meal.  However, on those occasions where we make lomi salmon and poi. . . . or real good kalbi. . . . I’m reminded of home.

I found this recipe on Pinterest and absolutely fell in love.  I’ve learned that you can’t trust half the recipes on Pinterest so I’m careful to look for recommendations now.  Since it isn’t my recipe, I won’t post it but instead, refer you to the source!  This coconut syrup took me back home, it felt like a ‘little taste of paradise, which was just what I needed on a morning where we woke up to six inches of fresh snow.  🙂



2 thoughts on “Taste of Paradise

    • Thanks for visiting! It was quite refreshing but. . . . . we are in the middle of a spring shower week so I can’t wait until it’s warmer and we can eat it outside. Stay tuned – we’ve got some more recipes coming. The good thing about this is that I get to eat all of it after cooking it. 🙂

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